Go & Tell Fellowship International

Go-&-Tell Fellowship International is a non-denominational fellowship, with a vision to see all men living daily with eternity in mind.

The Go-&-Tell Fellowship started in 1999, about 3 years after our General coordinator, sister Seyi Ademeso, gave her life to Christ. She was plagued with a terrible illness, which God delivered her from after all other efforts had proved futile. It was on a trip to lagos, to a diagnostic centre she had been referred to from Port -Harcourt for proper investigation for throat cancer, that she had a life changing encounter with the Lord Jesus, which initiated the creation of the Go-&-Tell fellowship. The Lord Jesus showed her a vision of rapture and told her that HE was releasing her from the grip of death to go and warn the body of Christ and those outside the church, of things that were revealed to her. Hence, the reason for her being alive today and the Go-&-Tell fellowship.

In the vision, I saw the heaven come down very low and open with a trumpet blast. This was the rapture; Jesus had returned to take home those who were His but I saw that about 80% of those that were qualified to go with Him were children. Many Christians, Preachers and workers in the church, were disqualified myself included. At this point I woke up; it was so real and I was afraid and confused over what I had seen. As I was crying and meditating over this vision, I fell into another trance where Jesus gave me proverbs 13 and revealed to me that, apart from those titled sins, there are 5 common reasons that disqualified many people including myself. These reasons are gossip, hatred, anger, lying and selfishness. Read my book titled ‘The Healing Power of Grace’ for details.

 I returned from that trip a different person. Arriving Port Harcourt, I narrated the whole story to my prayer partner, Sister Ivy Nwogbe. She was so frightened on hearing the story; there and then we prayerfully agreed to choose a day of the week to quietly sit at the feet of Jesus and carefully examine the word of God, placing our lives by the word to see whether we are conforming to what God says about our relationship with HIM and our fellow human beings. To examine our hearts, actions and motives both within and outside our marriages, to check if we are reflecting Christ in our lives as we are preaching with our mouths. This was how the Go-&-Tell fellowship started with just the two of us at No 32 Oloibiri Street, Shell RA, Port Harcourt. It was later moved to my house at No 20 Ikono Street, Shell RA, Port Harcourt when Sister Ivy and her family relocated to Holland on assignment.’’

The Vision of Go & Tell Fellowship is to;

  • To see all men globally living daily with eternity in mind.

Our Mission is ;

  • To announce and attest to the world, the saving power of Jesus Christ
  • To prepare and disciple the global church for eternity through in-depth study and teaching of God’s word.

Our core values are;

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Passion for Souls

Organize evangelism outreach systems to spread the gospel as far and as wide as possible. Some of these systems include;

  • Partnerships with primary and secondary schools across Nigeria to setup Christian bible clubs for Pupils/Students. Partnering schools stand to benefit welfare and maintenance support from Go-&-Tell Fellowship customised to fit the schools specific need per time.
  • Approved Periodic hospital visitations to pray for and encourage the sick to trust in Jesus for their healing.
  • Setting up of Prisons fellowship to reach out to prison inmates with continued follow up by organised bible study and welfare/rehabilitation programs.

To reach out to every Christian church denomination Worldwide with the message as revealed to the General Coordinator and a copy of the healing Power of Grace.

To set up at least a GTFI (Go & Tell Fellowship International) chapter in various locations worldwide with the intent to meet weekly for bible study and fellowship in the presence of God.



Sister Oluwaseyi Ademeso is the General Coordinator and Co-Founder of Go & Tell fellowship International. Sister Oluwaseyi, who gave her life to Christ in the year 1996, founded Go & Tell Fellowship in 1999 with sister Ivy Nwogbe after she received a revelation of Rapture and the 5 of the reasons most Christians will not make heaven.

Sis Oluwaseyi, who is married to Bro Ademeso and has five children, trained as and practiced nursing and Midwifery in the mid - late 90’s, both in Akure, Ondo State and Lagos State. She can be contacted by sending a mail to S.Ademeso@goandtellfellowship.com



Sister Ivy Nwogbe is a member and Co-founder of Go & Tell Fellowship International. She gave her life to in 1989 and is a member of the Second Baptist Church, Katy, Texas. She reports, “We were compelled to pray through the revelation that the Lord gave Sister Seyi Ademeso. We stood as gatekeepers for our homes, families, Church, Communities and whatever the Lord laid in our hearts to pray for. We started in a little bedroom until other sisters joined in the call for prayer; we had no name then.

Sister Ivy, who is married to Bro Nwogbe with four children, serves as a Prayer leader for the women’s Ministry and is also involved with the Homeless ministry, in her local parish in Katy, Texas.



Sister Ojor Tuoyo is the Regional Coordinator for Go & Tell fellowship chapters in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She gave her life to Christ on April 16, 1985 and is a member of the Baptist Church. She joined Go & Tell Fellowship in 1999 when she was in search of a sincere prayer group that encouraged earnest prayers based on the bible and ultimately Christ.

Sister Ojor, who is married to Bro Tuoyo with four children, serves as a Sunday school teacher in her local parish and is also involved with the Rhema Bible training School, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She owns a business that sells decorative pieces including vases and flowers. She can be contacted by sending an email to Reg.coordph@goandtellfellowship.com



Sister Helen Agim is the Regional Coordinator for Go & Tell fellowship chapters in Lagos State and Abuja (FCT). She gave her life to Christ in 1993 and is a member of God’s City International church. She joined Go & Tell Fellowship in 2004 because of her passion for soul winning which is core value of Go & Tell fellowship International.

Sis Helen, who is married with children, serves as a Minister in her local parish and is also a member of Reconciliation of Believers Fellowship. She can be contacted by sending an email to Regcoord.lagfct@goandtellfellowship.com